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Equiano Light 43° : Description and customer reviews

Equiano Light is a lighter version of Equiano Original. The principle remains the same, as it is still a blend of Africa and the Caribbean. The distilleries involved are also the same, with Gray's for Mauritius and Foursquare for Barbados. The big difference, however, lies in the components of this blend:

The Foursquare section is made up of a slightly aged molasses rum this time, but more importantly, Gray's is now represented by a white rum made from pure cane juice!

This rum is aimed more at mixology and cocktails. The creators of the brand, Ian Burrell and Richard Seale, always donate $2 per bottle and 5% of the annual profits to associations fighting against modern slavery.

Nico's tasting note

The nose has a very light, finely fruity and floral character. Like a slightly acidic cane sugar syrup, it is both mellow and somewhat vegetal.

With aeration, this vegetal character settles on the edges of the glass, and takes on the consistency of a handful of hay or straw. At its heart, the rum is then resolutely fruity and tender, like a slightly acidic and vanilla-flavoured sweet.

On the palate, the aromatic profile now turns to a light and delicate cane juice with hints of brown sugar. A soft vegetal character emerges, slightly coated with vanilla and toasted wood.

The finish is light, and the toasted oak brings a subtle roasted note.

"A rather light rum that offers delicate flavours of pure cane juice..."


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