Ferroni Eliz Absinthe De Provence 68°.

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Ferroni Eliz Absinthe De Provence 68° : Description and customer reviews

Ferroni Eliz Absinthe De Provence is a spirit brought up to date by Guillaume Ferroni, from the Château des Creissauds, in Aubagne. This history enthusiast was inspired by a recipe that comes from the South of France in the 19th century. It is a tasting absinthe, made from fresh plants of which there are no less than twenty varieties.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very fruity and vegetal, and despite an impressive degree, the alcohol never spoils the experience. The freshness and the greediness are equal, with sweet citrus fruits encrusted with liquorice and medicinal plants.

The palate is surprisingly very smooth and easy, thanks in part to a well rounded texture. Natural, herbaceous flavours come first, with juicy green aromatics. Peppermint and lemon verbena bring us a good ray of sunshine, while the latter only sets in with deeper aromas of liquorice.

"An extremely fragrant and tasty absinthe, incredibly refreshing when diluted with cold water or tonic..."


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