Grosperrin MMC Cuvée 2 25 years old 19,6°.

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Mutated wine

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Grosperrin MMC Cuvée 2 25 years old 19,6° : Description and customer reviews

This Grosperrin MMC Cuvée 2 is a 25 year old cognac muté grape must. A great wine, very representative of the very old must mutés of the Charentes, which comes from the small estate of a passionate winegrower. His vineyards are located on a rocky promontory near Segonzac, in the heart of a terroir renowned for its limestone soils.

This batch spent its 25 years of ageing in wood, in one of the most emblematic cellars of Grande Champagne. It was aged on lees, a yellowish deposit found at the bottom of the barrel after the fermentation phase of the must. It joined the Chermignac cellars in 2019.

The winegrowers of the Charente often keep a few barrels of these wines, which they can age for several decades, as they do here.

Nico's tasting note

The nose has all the makings of a precious confectionery, placed on the shelves of a delicatessen, between chocolates, coffees and carefully chosen teas. The grape juice, concentrated to the point of syrup, has a rancio that brings it closer to the old prune brandy, and the sweet spices and almonds complete this delicacy. More and more freshness appears, however, as the liquid opens up in the glass.

The mouth is round and fresh at the same time, with an old grape juice completely candied, with a patina, and a small acidity which brings it the perfect balance. The fruitiness is then close to apples, pears, then caramel, like in a generously caramelized tarte tatin. The sweet concentration is striking, so a slightly refreshed tasting is preferable, especially since it will not erase the pastry flavors of prunes and sweet spices that occupy the palate for a long time to finish.

"A concentrated bubble of greed and fruit..."


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