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Hamada Shuzo - Daiyame 40° : Description and customer reviews

Daiyame is an imo shochu (sweet potato shochu) from Hamada. It is elaborated in one of the three distilleries of the group, the Denzouingura distillery, in Ichikikushikino. Located in the Kagoshima region, it benefits from one of the four Geographical Indications of traditional Japanese spirits: Satsuma Shochu. In order to bear this designation, the sweet potato must be harvested, fermented, distilled and bottled in Kagoshima Prefecture.

This Daiyame, made for the 150th anniversary of the distillery, was bottled at the exceptional degree of 40%. Like the "classic" version, Daiyame 25, it is made from black koji on rice. The sweet potatoes are also matured and the distillation is done under vacuum.

It has won numerous medals in international competitions, including ISWC, ISC and Kura Master. Its high degree also makes it an ingredient of choice for cocktails, as well as for pure tasting or on ice.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is of a rather crazy aromatic concentration, with a bouquet of exotic fruits (lychee in the lead) and flowers that illuminate our senses. Geranium and rose caress the passion fruit and delicately cover its most lively and acidic aspects.

With aeration, no sign of weakening is in sight, quite the contrary. Pears and raspberries join exotic fruits whose slightly bitter seeds carry some nuances of Sichuan pepper.

The mouth is as expressive as the nose, with an extremely well controlled power. It is with a very melting texture that this shochu invades the palate, without any heaviness, with much delicacy. The exotic fruits show the rainbow of their flavors, sweet and sour, colored and flowery.

The finish is long and fruity, with a lychee with rose water and pepper that signs all the elegance and balance of this spirit.

"A shochu to discover absolutely, for all the lovers of spirits..."

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