Isautier Arranged Spicy Pineapple 40

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Rhum - Rhum arrangé

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Isautier Arrangé Ananas épicé 40° : Description and customer reviews

Isautier Arrangé Ananas épicé is the first born of the " Arrang'épicés " range. After the enormous success of its arranged rums, Isautier is developing a range of arranged rums with fruits and spices from Reunion Island.

This Victoria pineapple rum is flavoured with cane sugar, but above all with a massalé spice mix. This spice cocktail is often composed of coriander, cumin and "curry leaves".

Nico's tasting notes

The nose opens on a very ripe pineapple, with a thick and sweet juice. The fruit wanders over a light rum, as if diluted with coconut water. As the rum takes on air, the strength of the pineapple dissipates and gives way to lightly roasted curry spices.

The palate is very round, with a rum as thick as a pineapple nectar. The texture is therefore very greedy, and the fruit flavours are given full scope to contrast, allowing their juice to develop and bring a little freshness. The spices come in at the end and enrich the blend.

"A very tasty and spice-flavoured arrangé...".

1 visitor(s) opinion and 10 opinion

  1. Gavry

    Much too spicy, too much Curry taste
    I'd say a Curry rum sooner than Ananase

  2. laurent drôme

    A soft, sweet rum with delicious aromas! Personally I love this brand

  3. Fabienne Delion

    Excellent choice for this arranged rum

  4. sylviane

    my guests liked it but I liked it a lot less this mix didn't seduce me

  5. Christian Gréer

    Very fast delivery. Ordered on Thursday evening and received on Monday. The product was well packaged and protected. I am very happy to find products from Reunion Island.

  6. Michel CAYLA

    I enjoyed it a lot when I retired. With 4 x 50cl bottles (different blends) and the 3 litre bag of white rum that allowed me to extend them, I was able to serve about 20 "connoisseur" colleagues and I still had some left. The spicy pineapple came back half emptied, so it was less appreciated.

  7. Deville

    Very good and very pleasant

  8. Ganot

    Good but a bit expensive


    Ordered to test, the sweet and sour did not thrill me. A surprising mixture.

  10. Andras Lacko

    Nice mix

  11. Fabrice

    I expected more spice...

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