Isautier Traditional White 49° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 10 litres !

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Flowers - Fruit - Iodine - Dry - Plant


Traditional molasses rum


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Isautier White Traditional 49° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 10 litres ! Description and customer reviews

This white rum is a traditional rum, i.e. obtained from molasses, which is produced during the cane sugar production process.
It is a particularly popular rum for making your own arranged rums.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with ethereal and floral notes, with something of a dry vegetal, a kind of perfumed straw. It quickly evolves into ripe fruit, with a slightly acidic air of fermentation. Aeration allows this wild side to express itself, with a very full-bodied profile of past exotic fruits. With a little time, a salty side emerges, like an olive with aromatics.

The palate is balanced and rather pastry-like, which was not necessarily expected. The almonds come in all shapes and sizes: fresh and green, then round and fatty. The fruits are less ample than on the nose, they are more tense because they are supported by a slightly metallic alcohol.

The finish is light and peppery, with notes of fermentation coming back in waves.

"A true white rum from a sweet shop, simple but authentic..."

7 reviews

  1. Wenziz Muzuzu

    Super for preparations of arranged rum!

  2. Jello

    RhumAttitude is a site that I have been using for years, the trust is total. Moreover, the delivery is a model of speed: by ordering before a certain time (is it 11am or 1pm, right now, I don't remember), you can get your package (always super well packed) ... THE FRIDAY if one chooses a point-relais D+1. If it is not magnificent, that! And to finish, the small gift for a purchase of 100 euros and some - a mignonette, a glass ... - is very nice. SUPER SITE, I will never go anywhere else, THANK YOU !

  3. Jello

    The rum-attitude site is the best online for a long time. I'm talking in years. Excellence, choice, quality, and a fantastic delivery time, i.e. next day delivery in a relay point is not rare! I will not go anywhere else! Rhum attitude, it's a guarantee of quality


    Excellent rum I recommend.

  5. Bucko

    Practical format for large parties and the price-quality ratio is quite normal.

  6. Patrice Olszeski




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