Karukera Punch Planter 18°

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Cocktail à base de rhum - Rhum

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Karukera Punch Planter 18°: Description and customer reviews

Karukera Punch Planteur is a cocktail made with agricultural rum and fruit from the Marquisat de Sainte-Marie estate in Guadeloupe.

True to local tradition, Karukera punches are made to "homemade" recipes, combining the flavour of tropical fruit juices with the aromas of Guadeloupe agricultural rum, enhanced by subtle spicy notes.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is a breath of exoticism, with a generous basket of fruit enhanced by a touch of grenadine. A certain freshness emanates from this tropical ambience, thanks to the agricultural rum and a hint of citrus.

The palate is round, velvety and as sweet as a citrus syrup. Exotic fruits then detail their flesh sprinkled with sweet spices, guava not forgetting to leave a few seeds behind for authentic character.

"A very gourmet planter, to be enjoyed with an ice cube to refresh and dilute its very round texture..."

2 opinion

  1. Christiane Carcat

    A high quality planter.

  2. Laurie CELESTE

    The taste of this product is very pronounced and very good.

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