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O Reizinho white 50°: Description and customer reviews

O reizinho 50° is an artisanal agricultural rum from Madeira . The cane is pressed as soon as it arrives at the distillery, during the harvest season which extends from March to May. Pressing is done without adding water, unless the sugar concentration is greater than 18 brix, which would be too high to start fermentation. The latter is launched by bakery yeasts, without acids, then it extends over 3 to 4 days on average. The temperature within the semi-open tanks can be controlled according to climatic conditions. The result is a cane wine with around 12% alcohol.

Distillation takes place in a traditional Portuguese alembic, a hybrid between pot-still and column, similar to those used in Armagnac. The distillate has an average titre of 60-70%, then rests in stainless steel tanks before being reduced to 40-50%.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is very natural and fresh, with ripe lime pulp. The generosity and sweetness of the cane are evident, without artifice or window-dressing. This is a silky, vegetal cane eau-de-vie, with enough power to impose its presence. The cane pepper is present, the bagasse is mellow, and there's a hint of green olive.

With a little time, the cane takes over from the lemon and sends it into the air. The balance is established, with the freshness retained but more discreet, for greater depth. The cane is tender, diaphanous, as if delicately warmed by the first light of the sun. It seems relatively fragile, for although its heart is full of sugar, it is no longer protected by its dry, peppery bark.

The palate is perfectly gourmand, round and seductive. The cane now develops a brioche-like quality, with a hint of yeast. Then it becomes candied, comfortably filling the palate. Its fragility is now expressed by subtle notes of steamed artichoke or chestnut. The lemon is still there, as is the pepper, both of which melt and carry the cane high. The texture is so smooth that it's hard to imagine the rum's 50%.

The finish is lighter, with a hint of licorice. The cane disappears quietly with everything else, always elegantly.

"A very fine cane brandy, delicate and elegant but not only that, as it also offers a very tasty intensity..."

On video

We discovered O Reizinho rums with Joao Pedro Ferreira, the distiller, during the tasting of the O Reizinho sample pack. You can find this video and many others on our Youtube channel :

10 opinion

  1. Andreas Bouloubassis

    super fast delivery, top value for money!

  2. Samuel Carval

    Good product but a little expensive compared to other better quality rums.

  3. Catherine Leclaire

    Not to my taste

  4. Hervé

    I did not receive a sample. On the other hand, the product is excellent.

  5. Sebastien Swynghedauwe

    Great product, lots of taste,

    a must-have.

  6. Babulal Gopalsing

    Light and fresh Portuguese agricole. Very easy to drink with lots of cane flavour.

  7. Christophe de KERMEL

    Very pleasant, with a hint of iodine that sets it apart, a sure bet.

  8. Jacques Jadot

    It's a wonderful discovery, thank you Nico .

  9. Sebastien BODRERO

    Magnificent product from Madeira, I fell in love with it
    Thanks for the discovery !
    Super fresh cane, the 50° very well integrated and I finally managed to find the olive :)

  10. Adrien Caillol

    Ron rather soft, very textured and round in the mouth, you don't feel the 50°.

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