Ced Ti's Rums Arranged Pineapple 100% organic - 70 cl 21°.

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Fruit - Round


Rum - Arranged rum

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Les Rhums de Ced Ti Arrangés Ananas 100% bio - 70 cl 21°: Description and customer reviews

All the ingredients that make up this rum blend - rum, fruit and cane syrup - are organically grown.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we once again sense a deep maceration, a fruit that has given everything but has also gained in candied quality. It almost seems to have gained a maturity that it would not have reached in the open air. There is also something very authentic about it, it does not give in to the ease of a sweet pineapple nectar. The skin of the fruit is palpable, with all its vegetal qualities, and the rum is so mellow that it reminds one of the heart of an artichoke. If you are not careful, you forget all about the alcohol and imagine the juice of an extra ripe pineapple that you could only make at the foot of the tree from which it fell.

On the palate, the rum is very light and the sugar is perfectly balanced. Our beautiful pineapple is intact, with its flesh so ripe that it becomes creamy, and still that little air of steamed artichoke. All the natural sweetness of the fruit comes up later, in a delightfully light tonka bean flavour. We try to lick the last drops off our lips to prolong the pleasure.


"An apparently simple arrangement, but which offers an incredible closeness to the fruit...

2 reviews

  1. L. Bourdon

    a small, very light 21 proof arranged rum...with natural flavours that change. Very fresh.

  2. Marie Helene J.

    gift not yet consumed

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