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O Reizinho 3 years 45° : Description and customer reviews

O Reizinho 3 ans is the first old rum from this small family distillery in Madeira. It made its name with white rums of extraordinary naturalness and smoothness. These were quickly followed by some of the tastiest amber rums. We were therefore extremely impatient to taste this 3 year old. This cuvée was aged in casks containing Madeira wine from Justino's.

We are dealing here with an agricultural rum, distilled in a small traditional Portuguese still. The care taken by the distiller, who controls every minute of every stage of production, is the key to this authentic, artisanal product.

Nico's tasting note

The nose summons up a set of roasted aromas, combined with a sweetness of cane juice and fruit. A sulphurous, flinty side supports the whole in the first moments. Then we discover a series of toasted and greedy aromas, with toasted bread, cocoa, caramelised nuts...

Aeration brings us back to the Madeira wine cask, with a marked, sulphurous woodiness that opens up once again to a profusion of milk chocolate and malted, toasted cereals. The cane sugar is at home in this brioche-like atmosphere.

On the palate, the chocolate-covered cereals emerge from a dense, rich and dark woodiness. The cane is candied, caramelised, reduced to a syrup mixed with meat juice. Pepper and salt bring a great greediness, and maintain the aromas of cooked sugar.

The finish is very balanced, as caramelised as it is vegetal, as gently spicy as it is woody.

"A typical Madeira cask aged rum, which develops an enormous greediness in the mouth..."

In video

We discovered O Reizinho rums with Joao Pedro Ferreira, the distiller, during the tasting of the O Reizinho sample pack. You can find this video and many others on our Youtube channel :

The O Reizinho 3 years was also present at the tasting of the Rum Box of the month of August 2021, of which here is the replay:


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