Palma Mulata 15 years 38°.

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Palma Mulata 15 years 38° : Description and customer reviews

Palma Mulata 15 ans is a light, molasses-based, old rum that comes straight from Cuba where it has been aged for 15 years in French oak barrels.

Palma Mulata comes from the former Bacardi distilleries. Bacardi produced its rum there before the Castro period.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is both very woody and very full with floral notes. This woodiness is very typical of bourbon, it really emphasizes the vanilla and the toasted wood. This toastiness seems relatively soft however, and fortunately does not overpower the fruity aromas that follow. Ripe mirabelle plums and white grapes arrive, followed by very pleasant apricots and peaches. Some sweet spices underline this open and radiant nose.
Aeration allows the rum to open up even more, with a little varnish that carries the aromas. It is a rather concentrated nose, very pleasant for this type of rum, one is surprised by the expressiveness it can provide despite its low degree. It continues to unfold a beautiful complexity: red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and wild strawberry, then melted tannins but ample, lively and well present. There are some dried fruits such as apricot, and finally a winey touch of gewurztraminer.

The entry in the mouth is very soft, the low degree is noticeable at this moment. The taste profile is different, more classic, with slightly salty molasses and caramelised nuts. The fruit has this time given way to the toasted woodiness. When more rum is taken on the palate, the fruit returns to contribute to the balance and fullness of the rum, without coming to the fore.

The finish is light, caramelised and woody.

"This light rum is interesting because it develops very nice aromas on the nose. It will have to be drunk generously for it to express itself as well in the mouth..."

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  1. LO

    Excellent Cuban rum!

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