Papa Rouyo The Offspring 56°

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Papa Rouyo Le Rejeton 56°: Description and customer reviews

Papa Rouyo Le Rejeton is an artisanal agricultural rum blended from white rums obtained from different distillations. It is produced by the micro-distillery located in Goyave, Guadeloupe. At Papa Rouyo, the master canners work in synergy with the producers. They make a point of working the cane in the most traditional and natural way possible.

The cane used to make it comes from a plot in the commune of Le Moule. They are grown on the clay-limestone soils of Grande-Terre and harvested by hand. The varieties are canne rouge (R579), canne bleue (B69.566) and canne caïmite (B80.689). This very first white rum marketed by the brand is composed of an original Rejeton base, with 10% over-ripe cane and 90% fresh cane, including a dominant percentage of R579 cane.

The rum is double distilled in an iron still before being slowly reduced with Saint-Claude spring water.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is divided between the freshness of just-cut cane and the mellowness of its ripe, sweet juice. A hint of marron glacé floats above the glass, along with a vegetal edge that almost tugs at chili pepper.

With aeration, the freshness and mellowness balance out to give us a rum that's both aromatic and elegant. Marron glacé is best enjoyed with milk chocolate or cocoa, or even a drop of coconut water.

On the palate, the distillate's power and dryness tip it towards freshness. Its liveliness and luminous character are underlined by a fine layer of gray pepper with mineral, almost flinty, edges. The cane melts a little more on the mid-palate, its peppery bagasse more tender.

The finish is fine and spicy, clean and elegant, with a slight reminiscence of fermented cane juice.

"A very "haute couture" white rum..."


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