Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Réserve 40° (40° proof)

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Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Réserve 40°: Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Réserve is a rum from Barbados, aged for 5 years in oak barrels formerly used for maturing bourbon. After the years spent in the tropical climate of this small Caribbean island state, the rum was then transferred to Château Bonbonnet, in the Charente region of France, for maturation. These two aging stages give Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Réserve its gourmet character.

To be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, rum can also be used in prestigious cocktails.

Laurent's tasting notes

Its color is golden.

The nose is simple and pleasant, totally dominated by vanilla and citrus (especially orange). It's greedy and seems sweet. After a while, discreet olive notes appear.

On the palate, the attack is soft, without being too sweet, and the markers of the nose are clearly present: vanilla, orange, but also olive, which gives it a little more depth.

The finish, which is moderately long, is vanilla and very slightly woody.

1 visitor(s) opinion and 4 opinion

  1. Laura inguenaud

    disappointing, alcohol is not melted...

  2. Thibaud

    Very good value for money

  3. Mélya

    Still as good as ever, drink at room temperature without anything.

  4. Fred Chewbie

    Atypical but excellent

  5. eric

    I personally find it tastes of honey.

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