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Plantation Rum Pineapple 40° : Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum Pineapple, released in May 2016, comes from a unique manufacturing process. The pineapples are peeled by hand. The rind of the fruit is then infused with Plantation 3 stars (Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad) for a week, followed by the distilled rum. Well before this stage, the pineapple flesh is infused with Plantation Original Dark (Trinidad, Jamaica) for several months. Finally, the distillate and the infusion are blended by the Ferrand cellar master.

The production of this rum remains very limited because it is linked to the harvesting seasons of the Victoria pineapple.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is between gold and amber.

On the nose, the power and freshness of the pineapple are simply impressive. It is as if a pineapple has just been opened in front of us. Then come aromas of vanilla and pear. The rum is not forgotten and also makes its place.

On the palate, contrary to what one might expect from a rum arrangement, it is not sweet. It is still the fresh pineapple that clearly dominates the first taste, then comes the vanilla in a second time.

The finish is rather long, with a pleasant mix of pineapple and vanilla, which play off each other for a while.

"A very particular elaboration technique that offers an exceptional result and different from what we are used to."

11 reviews

  1. Customer

    My favourite for a real rum and not an arranged one

  2. Laura inguenaud

    well made, and well balanced. powerful rum with subtle pineapple notes

  3. kevin Beckendorff

    A delightful taste of annanas victoria

  4. Customer

    An interesting curiosity, for pineapple lovers, of course.

  5. Sébastien DELELIS

    Nothing exceptional but that's just my opinion

  6. William Caudron

    Top like all plantations

  7. Patrick GAUTIER

    A must-see!

  8. Customer

    very good disinfectant......s very pleasant


    Excellent rum with a taste of fresh Victoria pineapple ...... a very original distillation ... we love it

  10. pegpeg

    A treat!

  11. sweet flavours

    For those who don't know rum it's great !!! better than Don Papa !!!

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