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Quorhum 30 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Quorhum 30 years is the oldest rum of the brand created by Oliver & Oliver, the Dominican Republic company.

It is a traditional rum, therefore distilled from sugar molasses and aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels.

The solera method used, which is very common in the Spanish tradition, consists of a successive blend of old and younger rums. The oldest are 30 years old!

Nico's tasting note

The nose is initially coated with caramelised and roasted notes, but one quickly feels that the rum's interest lies elsewhere. Indeed, it seems to reside in a certain fruity, acidic, sweet but definitely exotic and tropical concentration.

With aeration, the balance between the caramelised roundness and the aromatic rum is established, even if it is the sweetness that we retain in the end. The roasted nuts are generously coated, the vanilla pods are as if they were burnt. One can still distinguish this fruity inclination which draws towards the ripe and oozing mirabelle plums.

The entry in mouth is well rounded, greedy like a caramel and tender like a nougat. A few lightly roasted almonds bring a little relief. The vanilla spreads languorously on the palate, and the tongue is impregnated with gingerbread.

The finish is marked by notes of old fruit in brandy, with a hint of ginger.

"A round but balanced rum, with some subtle notes that are interesting to flush out..."

4 reviews

  1. Philippe Philippart

    Excellent aroma and taste that lasts in the mouth.

  2. Rikos

    Very good rum but I really expected better for a 30 year old

  3. Leclercq

    Not yet tasted but promising from other reviews

  4. Karine

    Balance of flavours, harmonious and subtle rum

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