Rum Nation 5 years Jamaica Pot Still Sherry Finish Oloroso 50°.

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Rum Nation 5 years Jamaica Pot Still Sherry Finish Oloroso 50° : Description and customer reviews

Rum Nation 5 years Jamaica Pot Still Sherry Finish Oloroso is a pot still distilled rum in the pure Jamaican tradition.

After an initial ageing in ex-bourbon casks, it was matured in Oloroso sherry casks for a period of 15-18 months. A small part of the rum was then passed through Pedro Ximenez casks before the final blending.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose points directly to Jamaica, with lots of very ripe, extremely greedy banana. There is a funky influence of pot still distillation with a certain freshness that balances well with the banana. There is also something medicinal, like pine thorns oozing with resin. The candied cherry brings a variety that will have developed in a few moments, a nice complexity in short. Spices like curry or caraway seeds come with the power that soon emerges, we then enter a more vegetal phase, with hay and lemongrass.
The aeration brings more power, the banana is more chic, more refined. It is adorned with wood and spice as well as a vegetal and liquorice drape. Various plants and herbs maintain the medicinal side of this rum, we can still imagine the pine sap, but also a small cherry stone. This is followed by a gourmet moment of tea, brioche yeast and honey, as well as a pastry side provided by the almond paste.

The entry in the mouth is powerful, we didn't necessarily expect it but we are delighted because this power brings smoky notes that we hadn't suspected on the nose. The rum shows its character with a little metallic touch, cocoa and black liquorice. The banana is so ripe that its skin is also completely blackened, one even thinks of a dried banana. The currants contribute to the darker and deeper impression than the nose would suggest.

The finish is on sweet spices and it is the medicinal side that will remind us for a while.

"This is a sophisticated and accessible expression of Jamaica, combining deliciousness, distinction and real depth in the mouth..."

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    I'm just starting out, and a very attractive nose, the alcohol content is not at all aggressive, I like it a lot.

  2. Alberto Santin

    A fantastic introduction to the world of jamaican rums, in this case the exuberance is rounded by the sherry finish. A perfect rum for whisky drinkers who wants to try something different.

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