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Rum Nation Barbados 10 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Rum Nation Barbados 10 year old is a very old rum of English tradition from Barbados offered by the Italian Rum Nation. Made from a blend of molasses distilled in alembics and columns, the rum spent nine years in casks previously used for aging bourbon. A further 12 to 18 months in Spanish brandy casks were then required for maturation.

Rum Nation Barbados 10 Year Old benefits from the experience of the West Indies distillery in Black Rock and is a richly flavoured version. It won a gold medal at the 2013 Rum Fair.

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this rum is quite simple and accessible, with nuts and a toasted, caramelised woodiness. A few red fruits come in where they were not necessarily expected and arouse interest. It is a rather round rum, one imagines an autumn honey and butterscotch. The sweetness is represented by a slightly smoky molasses. The nuts try to bring a drier aspect, which makes this nose quite lively.
With aeration, the tendency towards sweetness is confirmed. We still have caramel and butter, joined by coconut milk. The smokiness of molasses is still there, as are the red fruits, fresh and watery. The drier nuts continue to resist.

The entry in the mouth is quite light and acidic, the red fruits make their effect. Despite some salted butter caramel notes, the sensation remains very liquid and easy. The cane sugar flavours take over, accompanied by spices such as pepper and cloves.

The finish is just as easy, with the oak now releasing its vanilla flavours.


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