Six Saints Carribean Rum 41.7°.

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Six Saints Carribean Rum 41,7° : Description and customer reviews

Six Saints Carribean Rum is a Grenada rum aged in oak barrels and bottled at 41.7°.
It is a light rum with vanilla and tropical fruit aromas that can be used as a cocktail or enjoyed dry.

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this rum is very fruity, with a nice sweet peach as a flagship. It is reminiscent of a grenadine syrup, a sweet white wine or a sweet rosé wine. The fruits continue to follow one another, they are always very sweet and juicy, rather like fruits in syrup. We then have a famous mix of pineapple, mango and pear. On the fresh fruit side, we also have citrus, banana and always this very ripe peach. We get a glimpse of a more candied side, with a thick vanilla, before thinking again of the wine, rather primeur this time.
As you spread the rum on the sides of the glass, a banana in the form of a candy is deposited. This candy is also composed of a rather enticing pepper/cherry syrup. The notes of stone and marzipan that follow reinforce the sweetness and the mellowness.

The attack on the palate is made on this famous candy banana, and this in a rather striking way. The floral and heady notes that follow are gripping too. Add to this a thick red fruit juice and cherry, and you have a mouthful of texture and consistency. A touch of saltiness provides a coy contrast, mostly to prolong the experience.

On the finish we have a surprising combination of green apple and caramel, the apple being a remnant of all the fruitiness we have encountered so far, and the caramel a more classic and wiser signature.

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  1. Bia

    Very good and pleasant in the mouth

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