Rum tasting evening - Paris 4th - 5 July 2016

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Rum tasting evening - Paris 4th - 5 July 2016: Description and customer reviews

Rhum Attitude is hosting a tasting event in partnership with Maria Loca Paris on 5 July from 7pm.

On the programme, you will be able to taste a choice of 3 rums from the following references for only 10 euros:
- Compagnie des Indes Dominidad 15 years
- Ferroni Travelers (aged in Belize + Cognac finish)
- FAIR Rum Jamaica
- Longueteau cuvée parcellaire 1 & Longueteau cuvée parcellaire 9 (Guadeloupe, same variety of cane on 2 different plots)
- JM Armagnac cask finish (Martinique)
- and finally we will make you discover "Maca", the spiced rum elaborated by our hosts.

You can either buy your tasting tickets directly on site, or on the website by adding this product to the cart (in this case come with your hands in your pockets: the name of the e-mail address you will have used for the order is a sufficient proof of purchase).

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