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Vallein Tercinier Small Batch 46°: Description and customer reviews

This small batch is a cognac produced by Vallein Tercinier, the family distillery of Domaine des Forges in Chermignac. It has been bottled without cold filtration.

It is a blend of fine 25 year old wood and good 15 year old wood.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose has an undeniable spring character. A clever mix of orchard and fresh herbs seems to emerge. First of all, we detect vine peaches, some apples sprinkled with sugar and a little exoticism (banana, persimmon). The whole is bathed in a soothing honeyed atmosphere. However, it is not only a question of roundness and greed. Indeed, a procession of plants (lime, camomile, dandelion, pansies) takes us from fruit trees to small vegetation shoots.

The aeration makes it lighter, even airy. It then evokes fragrant herbal teas that mingle with fruits that become more and more mellow, less exotic and more like apples and peaches. There are also hints of patchouli and acacia.

The palate is both dense and ample and takes up the theme developed on the nose. The greediness of honey and fruit (mango, peach, apple) is quickly joined by lime blossom, camomile, dandelion, iris and geranium. A hint of caramel, well-infused green tea and a bit of walnut are then discovered. A nice orange note comes out powerfully in the second half of the mouth.

The finish is very persistent, carried on the whole of the fruits with a dominant of peach and orange. Finally, spices (nutmeg, white pepper) and well-infused green tea bring a new contrast to the flower-fruit duo.

" A cognac that addsfrank floral notes to its crunchy fruit...

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