Thanks to our 5 cl or 3 cl samples, you can create your own customised box!

Go to our cellar to add the samples of the rums you want to taste to your basket, add a premium box 100% made in France if you wish, finalize the order and then enjoy!

We have 2 types of samples

"5 cl sample

  • Each sample contains 5 centilitres
  • The bottle is made of PET. This is a plastic material used to preserve food and drink (for example, mineral water bottles are made of PET). Like glass, ETP preserves spirits very well, but unlike glass it has the advantage of being unbreakable. It is this last criterion that has made us prefer ETP to glass for the majority of the samples we offer.
  • The cap is made of aluminium.
  • The samples (bottle + cap) are 100% recyclable.

"Sample Glass 3 cl

  • Each sample contains 3 centilitres.
  • The bottle is made of glass. We have been offering it since April 2021 because although P.E.T. preserves spirits perfectly, many amateurs prefer glass and the idea of P.E.T. disturbs them for particularly "high-end" spirits. On the other hand, 3 centilitres is enough to taste and for expensive bottles every centilitre counts... This is why we are progressively replacing the 5 cl P.E.T. with the 3 cl glass for bottles over 100 euros.
  • The cap is made of aluminium, the same as for the 5 cl sample.
  • The samples (bottle + cap) are 100% recyclable.

Click on the following link to discover our complete offer of 3 cl glass samples

Other important information

  • You can place an order with as many samples as you want (one if you wish), and mix samples (3 cl or 5 cl) and classic bottles.
  • Do not confuse our samples (also frequently called "samples") with "mignonettes" which are miniature glass bottles, more or less faithful replicas of standard size bottles. Very few brands offer them. We have a few references for sale if you filter on the 5 centilitre format.
  • As a gift, we recommend our presentation box (optional option at €2.80 per box).
    Each box can contain up to 5 samples of 5 cl, or up to 4 glass samples of 3 cl (you can of course make a "mix" with a maximum of 4 bottles as long as there is at least one in glass).
    Here is an example of a custom-made box with a premium box (picture of the inside, taken here without the lid):

  • The price calculation is transparent :
    • 1 5 cl sample = €2.90 + the share of the price of the bottle (1/14th in the case of a 70 cl bottle which allows 14 samples to be made, or 1/11th if it is an arranged rum which contains fruit and only allows 11 samples to be made). For example, if a 70 cl bottle of rum is priced at €67.90 on our site, the price of the sample is €7.75, i.e. €2.90 + €67.90 x 5 cl / 70 cl = €7.75.
      Why €2.90? This is the price of the bottle and the labour.
    • 1 sample 3 cl = 3.40 € + the share of the bottle price (1/23rd in the case of a 70 cl bottle which allows 23 samples to be made - there is still 1 cl which is not drunk but which is divided between the 23 bottles...). For example, if a 70 cl bottle of rum is priced at 150 € on our site, the price of the sample is 9.92 €, i.e. 3.40 € + 150 € /23 = 9.92 €.
      Why €3.40? This is the price of the bottle and the labour. The glass bottles cost us a little more and need to be better protected during transport.
  • As with any order on our website, gift wrapping is offered (option to be checked in the order completion page), below without premium box:

  • This is the gift package offered when you take a premium box:


  • A flashcode printed on the sample allows you to go directly to the rum's file with your smartphone to find the tasting notes and, if the rum has definitely won you over, to order the bottle.
  • The sampling is hygienic and reliable. It is carried out by our logistician Tremblaye, in Le Mans.
  • This service offers you the opportunity to discover many different rums!