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A.H. Riise Centennial 45°: Description and customer reviews

A.H. Riise Centennial is a blend of the distillery's finest rums.

This rum celebrates the centenary of the sale to the United States of the Virgin Islands which previously belonged to the Danes.

This is a limited edition.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, this is a rum that is a little more "natural" than what the brand has accustomed us to. It is a more sober rum, with a slightly woody, rather tender profile. The wood is flavoured with tobacco, vanilla and caramel. The AH Riise identity quickly returns with the bells and whistles of the Christmas market: cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, honey... the aromas are balanced and the spices, although very present, do not overdo it.

With a little airing, the wood takes the lead once again and joins a resinous rum, unless it is the other way round. The dried fruits (dates and figs) are coated with honey and the cinnamon blows more and more. The atmosphere is sweet but it is more like a carrot cake or gingerbread than a confectionery.

On the palate, as on the nose, it is the rum that opens the parade of aromas alone. The first impression is of a soft white wood that gives off notes of coconut and vanilla, followed by the sweet spice syrup that pours out like a maple syrup. The touch is very sweet and takes us this time to the fairground with its candy apples and candy canes.

The finish is on baked sugar and caramel, with of course an omnipresent cinnamon from beginning to end.

"An AH Riise with a more sober and rum-like approach than usual, which gives it more balance while retaining its marked identity..."


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