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A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength Rum 55° : Description and customer reviews

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength is the result of a long fermentation, followed by a "Vedderburn and Plummer" distillation, one of the 5 listed at the end of the 19th century by the British, and finally a blend of batches aged in ex-bourbon oak casks for up to 20 years.

No cold filtration has been used, and no caramel has been added. It is the long aging process that gives this A.H. Riise its colour.

This is the slightly reduced Royal Danish Navy version. The 55° allows the flavours to come to the fore and gives this rum more power than the 40° reduced version.

Nico's tasting notes

Summary: sweet - orange - spices - vanilla

The nose opens with the powdery sweetness of a marshmallow, a very hushed and satiny sweetness. Heavy fruit grows underneath this thin film, with a papaya ready to burst. The whole is decidedly sweet and consistent, the woodiness is moist and sugar-laden too. The Christmas spices married to the orange zest are reminiscent of the Shrubb made at the end of the year in the West Indies. The wet wood is still well swollen, it opens a little and reveals a soft heart of nougat and caramel. The vanilla adds to this soft and fluffy side.
On aeration, the heavy exotic fruits of the first moments are found again, followed by the Christmas spices. The mellowness has again become important, one imagines a really thick rum that would flow very slowly. This caramelised side has a lot of spice in it, much of it cinnamon and nutmeg. The cottony feeling is still represented by vanilla but also by a fluffy rose that might remind one of Turkish delight or marshmallow again. The Shrubb took the form of an orange tea with speculoos.

The palate is very soft and sweet, the 55% is not detectable at all. The rum is more on the spicy side, tickling the palate well in the middle. This blend is quite tasty, we have pepper, cinnamon, like a spicy four spice blend. The exotic fruits are sweet and tangy, passion fruit is the first to come to mind. Then the orange and its zest bring some freshness, supported by a bitter cherry jam.

The finish is very vanilla and sweet, the rum sticks to the lips.

"This rum is a real sweet, a liqueur whose power is expressed rather through the spices..."

6 opinion

  1. Paul Iverno

    Tres bon assez special quand même vaut goûter avant acheter

  2. Bruno CORRIOL

    Excellent, very tempting, but a little too high in alcohol content... alas!

  3. milled33

    In the Riise range, the 55° will suit those who do not want a "too sweet" note in the finish.

  4. Stéphanie Boisart

    Smelled but not yet had the opportunity to taste

  5. gregoire


  6. Angelique

    a little too strong, but interesting aromas

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