Aldea Cana Pura vintage 2012 42°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Iodine - Plant


Rhum blanc - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Aldea Cana Pura vintage 2012 42° : Description and customer reviews

Aldea Cana Pura is a limited edition pure cane juice rum. It is indeed a vintage: the sugar cane was harvested exclusively in 2012. The cane was carefully selected at the Los Castaños farm, owned by the Quevedo family.
Fermentation and distillation were carried out independently of the rest of the rum production.

This is a limited edition and each bottle is numbered.

It is a rum to be drunk dry or as a ti punch.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we are struck by the nuances of this agricultural rum. It is immediately balanced, with a rum that is already tense, on the edge. On the one hand, there is the great delicacy of the soft and mellow cane, and on the other, lively citrus fruits, lemongrass and a little fennel.

The more the rum is allowed to air out, the closer it gets to fresh cane juice. The nose is slightly peppery, still a little aniseed like fennel, fresh like just-cut aromatics and mellow like a candied herb. The rest weighs it down, for the better, and a plump olive makes an appearance. The cane juice really starts to cook, reducing as it thickens.

The entry in the mouth is very peppery and salty. The tongue is quickly put to work as the peppery cane wraps around it like a vine. The rum is rather lively, the cane is straight, frank, but seductive. It is perfumed withsweet spices, fragrant plants and olives. It is a rum heavy with aromas which does not seek to overtake the cane, just to enhance it.

The finish is long, withcitrus zest, fermented fruit, and a touch of saltiness.

"This agricultural rum has not chosen between soft cane and stunning aromas, which is what makes its personality...


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