Arawak Arranged Raspberry - Litchi 32°°.

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Rhum - Rhum arrangé

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Arawak Arrangé Framboise - Litchi 32° : Description and customer reviews

White agricultural rum from Guadeloupe, raspberry, lychee, spices and cane sugar: these are the ingredients of this Raspberry - Lychee arranged rum.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, the rum is lively, floral and vegetal. The raspberry and the lychee respond to each other in an acidic language. The raspberry seems to be candied, you can feel its little seeds sparkling like so many little peppery seeds.

The palate is fruity, very red and tart. There is a certain astringency in the middle of the mouth, then the raspberry juice is diluted by a fresh and fluid lychee water. The rum is discreet, expressed through a little lemon zest.

"This rum matches its flavours and colours, it's a little sour candy..."

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  1. yves LARDON

    The raspberry flavour overpowers the lychee flavour. But it's a good match

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