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Arcane Delicatissime Grand Gold Rum 41° : Description and customer reviews

Packaged in the beautiful dark bottle that characterises the young Mauritian brand, Arcane Delicatissime Grand Gold Rum is distilled from pure cane juice harvested without burning in order to preserve the freshness of its aromas. The cuvée is then aged in oak barrels for 18 months to soften and add a light woody touch.

Arcane Delicatissime can be enjoyed at room temperature or as a cocktail.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, unlike the other Arcane rums, we are immediately in the presence of a very familiar amber-coloured agricole. We have a balance between citrus fruits, cane and white pepper. The cane is round, it is also floral and then evokes a clear honey of white flowers. The fibrous side of cane straw has been put aside to favour the simpler and more pleasant aspect of agricultural rum. Despite some fresh spices that indicate a slight ageing, this is close to a sweet and fragrant white rum.
The white flowers and honey continue to lead the way after a little time in the glass. The cane is as greedy as ever, just accompanied by a little woodiness. The light vanilla provided by the wood is immediately balanced by a zest of lime. The rum is ready to be enjoyed.

Spicy at the beginning of the mouth, also a little woody, one could regret a little lack of freshness and pep, but the choice of the softness and roundness of the cane in its natural state holds up well.

Quite long on the palate, the vegetal cane persists in elbow to elbow with a white woodiness.

"Here is a rum that chooses a very gentle approach to agricole. Just tinged by a short wood ageing, it is perfect to discover the style gently..."

3 opinion


    Nice fragrance, but deserves some time to air out before enjoying it fully!


    Delicate and fragrant rum.

  3. Mr. LAGEYRE Jerome

    A fresh rum that surprises with its deliciously melted fruitiness. Excellent.

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