Don Papa Baroko 40° with case

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70 cl








Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Spiced or infused rum

40,90  Bottle

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5,82  5 cl sample

In stock

Don Papa Baroko 40° with case : Description and customer reviews

Don Papa Baroko comes with its own case, ideal for a gift for example.

If you do not find the case imperative, we propose on the following link the same bottle without the presentation box. You can also find on this link the complete description and the tasting note of this Philippine rum.

8 opinion

  1. michele hermeline

    Connoisseurs can buy it with their eyes closed

  2. Patrice

    From DonPapa, one cannot be disappointed

  3. NathKite

    Fully meets expectations.

  4. Weilemannn Alexander

    👍👍 mercy

  5. Theo


  6. Sylviane Viviant

    This product suits me perfectly but not all tastes are the same so it is difficult to recommend

  7. Andrej Kovac

    good price

  8. Christophe Maes

    Especially for a collection with the boxes

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