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Bacardi Dragon Berry 35° 1 litre ! Description and customer reviews

Bacardi Dragonberry is Bacardi White infused with strawberry essence and pitaya (or "Dragonfruit"), which is the red-fleshed fruit of various cactus species. Pitaya is similar in taste to kiwi fruit, with a much sweeter flavour. It is a native fruit of Mexico.

Bacardi Dragonberry is 100% natural.

You can drink it iced, why not with a strawberry sorbet.

Do not hesitate to put the bottle in the freezer for at least a few hours before use (the alcohol makes it impossible to turn to ice, so don't worry...)

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this rum is a real treat. Slightly acidic, it seems as sweet and mellow as a tagada strawberry. It then evolves into something more natural, more vegetable-like. Its fresh character brings it closer to a grenadine syrup and sometimes to a barley sugar. The taste of rum is absent but that is not the point of this kind of product.

The aeration brings roundness and a suave texture that evokes vanilla. The strawberry aroma is more present than ever.

The palate is quite full-bodied, which is quite surprising. There is strawberry of course, but also a good bouquet of spices. The herbs come in and give the impression of a sort of strawberry-basil soup with cane sugar. Exotic fruits pile up on top of the strawberry (pitaya, banana), then a good dose of sweet coffee is poured, before returning to a moderately round grenadine.

The finish returns to sweet coffee and strawberry soup in equal measure.

"A truly surprising framework in the mouth, with aromas that follow one another and are not alike..."


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