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Bally Art Déco 42°: Description and customer reviews

Bally Art Deco is a tribute to a great man of Martinique rum, and indeed of rum in general. The Art Deco movement was born in the 1920s in France, when Jacques Bally was distilling his first rums. After a visit to the Paris World's Fair, he met fellow distillers of cognac and armagnac, and decided to make rum a high-class spirit. Thus was born the first vintage rum in history, Bally 1924.

This Art Deco cuvée has been elaborated by one of the best heirs of this rum-making past: Marc Sassier. It is a blend of three vintages. Firstly, a 2007 rum aged for 12 years in American oak barrels, then rums from 2003 and 1998, aged for 15 and 18 years respectively, both aged in French oak barrels.

The result is a very complex and balanced agricultural rum, mature, but which still leaves room for the aromas of fresh sugar cane, in the purest tradition of AOC Martinique rum.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is fresh and intense, with green and "chlorophyll" notes. Its tannins are still lively and tenacious, even if their dilution with solvent makes them free of any aggressiveness. The cane is at one with the oak, and tends to round it out with time.

The aeration gives us access to a more mature and spicy wood, more traditional. The intensity is still there, and is now at the service of concentration. The cane is clothed in a solid bark of sweet spices and precious wood, like a cigar box.

On the palate, we find our tannins and their small acidity, as well as a slightly astringent and gripping texture. The wood beckons and draws us in with its still resinous, freshly uncovered fibre. These tannins melt quickly in the middle of the mouth, and stretch into fruitiness before starting to compote. A little apple and pear acidity is then retained, and the quince adds a little more flesh.

The finish is finely spiced and woody, while the length is inhabited by a ripe cane.

"A very tannic and resinous woody taste, which the cane undertakes to melt into a fruit compote..."


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