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Bally Vieux VO Pyramid Bottle 45° : Description and customer reviews

Bally Vieux VO Bouteille Pyramide is a 3 year old AOC Martinique agricultural rum. It is bottled in the famous pyramid developed by J. Bally in the 1930s. The Bally distillery has now disappeared, but its distillation column has been preserved and operates on the Sainte-Marie site, in the Saint James premises.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the oak tannins are elegantly melted, and unfold into old jammy fruit. This is how a powerful woodiness is expressed, which is nevertheless well perfumed and rich, perfectly consumed and transformed by time.

With aeration, the rum completes its moult, and becomes a compote of orchard fruits generously flavoured with sweet spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg mingle comfortably with baked apple, and then revive a ripe, sweet cane juice.

The palate is soft, even velvety, with a melted wood grain that slowly spreads across the palate. This milk chocolate impression is particularly indulgent, and offers the sensation of a thick rum. The oak is also rich with fatty white nuts, vanilla and caramel, which cover a ripe, weathered cane juice.

The finish is just like it, greedy and tender, and tightens slightly on the woody side.

"A beautiful jam of cane and fruit, contained in a greedy woody..."


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