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Barcelo Imperial 38° : Description and customer reviews

Barcelo Imperial is one of the most prestigious rums in the Dominican Republic, and it has given the brand its letters of nobility.
This rum, produced from a selection of Caribbean sugar cane, is itself the result of a skilful blend of several vintages, some of which are 11 years old.

Barcelo Imperial has won several prestigious awards, including gold medals at the Miami Rum Festival (2013), the International Rum Festival (2008) and the Sip Awards (2011).

Laurent's tasting note

The Barcelo Imperial's colour is between gold and amber.

On the nose we have a very balanced profile. The aromas that make up this profile are vanilla, wood, caramel, and a little bit of nuts and a touch of orange/coconut. Very pleasant.

In the mouth, the attack is soft but not sweet. The cask is very present and even takes precedence over the other aromas without overpowering them. The caramel is still present, as well as a hint of citrus.

The finish is relatively long. It is dominated by the notes brought by the cask, with coconut, vanilla and a little roasted something.

"This Barcelo Imperial was one of my first encounters with the world of rum. It remains dear to my heart (and my palate) and has never disappointed me."

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  1. Roger

    Very good Dominican rum. Flows in the mouth like nectar!

  2. CC thirteen

    the real thing

  3. Dolinski Zbigniew

    This rum attacks my taste buds, there is a strong smell of alcohol and not much flavour.

  4. Louison

    A bluffing rum by its sweetness! Pleasant honey notes. Great to accompany a dessert and why not a good cigar...

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