Bellevoye Red Whisky from France Triple Malt Grand Cru Finish 43°.

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Wood - Cereals - Strong spices - Fruits



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Bellevoye Rouge Whisky de France Triple Malt Finition Grand Cru 43°: Description and customer reviews

Like all the whiskies in the range, Bellevoye Rouge is 100% French, from the barley to the ageing casks, including the distillation. Everything is made in France.

This triple malt is a blend of three unpeated whiskies, each from a different distillery. Each whisky has been aged for between 5 and 8 years in its original cellar.

Blending and final aging take place in the Charente, in the cellars of Les Bienheureux. Bellevoye Rouge then spends a further year in Grands Crus Classés Bordeaux barrels before being bottled.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose moves forward in a quiet way, offering fruity notes close to confectionery (cherry and orange sweets), malt and caramelised notes. After a few moments, notes of varnish, glue and hazelnuts come together and take over. Finally, clove and cinnamon are added to this polymorphic opening.

The palate has a soft texture with, however, a more dominant dry aroma. The fruity aspect is especially present at the beginning of the mouth with flavours of cherry Krema and candied orange. Then, spices (cinnamon and clove in particular) and green wood fight for the throne of the second part of the mouth. Far behind, malt and hazelnut provide a little variation.

The slightly spicy finish is rather fleeting with a touch of hazelnut, bitter herbs and varnish. A light malty, peppery and woody patina then remains on the palate.

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    Perfect, fast and safe delivery, and content. Bravo

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    Excellent French whisky.

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