Bologna Le Distillat 100% Black Cane 70,2°.

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Sweet spices - Fresh - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Crude distillation

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Bologna Le Distillat 100% Black Cane 70,2°: Description and customer reviews

Bologna Black Cane Distillate is an agricultural rum that is both single-varietal and brut de distillation. It is produced by the oldest distillery in Guadeloupe, located on the slopes of the Soufrière volcano in Basse-Terre.

This limited edition of 7,500 is made exclusively from black cane grown on a plantation dating back to the 17th century. Despite its low yield, it is a variety with an exceptional aromatic potential that only the Bologna distillery uses today. The rum is distilled in one of the last copper creole columns in Guadeloupe, and left to rest for several months before bottling at its natural strength.

Nico's tasting note

To the nose, the dry and fresh agricultural rum does not necessarily announce the power indicated on the label. Instead, we are dealing with a quiet, mature rum, with cane that is certainly firm but elegantly flavored. The bagasse is candied with pepper, and a very light touch of salty licorice hovers over the glass.

The aeration lets the fruits burst, and we find ourselves under a deluge of lime, kumquat, starfruit, with a slight bitterness of grapefruit immediately counterbalanced by a sensation of syrup.

In the mouth, the rum opens and unfolds like the petals of a flower, slowly and delicately. The roundness is quite impressive, especially as the sweetness of the aromas is to match. The candied cane develops flavors of white fruit, sweet citrus, in a simplicity just tasty.

The finish is a little more lively, it comes to flush out some red fruits accompanied by their seeds and pits.

"A candy cane as we like to discover it at the end of the distillation, with a good extra roundness ... "


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