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Neisson L’Esprit Bio 70°: Description and customer reviews

Neisson L'Esprit Bio 70° echoes the brand's iconic reference: the famous L'Esprit de Neisson column brut. After a 66% version, the distillery returns to the 70% that made its legend. Respect for the terroir is pushed to its maximum. After long research and a lot of work, she finally managed to offer this organic rum. These are zikak, cinnamon and red cane juices which were distilled in the superb Neisson column. The rum was bottled without reduction, after resting and stirring.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose of this rum is extremely impressive in its naturalness. The cane is intensely present, soft and sweet, yet vibrant. Beyond its herbaceous side, there are fruity (lime) and spicy (white pepper) nuances.

With aeration, we find a typically Martinique profile, with pepper, freshness, and a rum that's full of drive. The cane is ever more concentrated, ever richer, a veritable perfume. At last, we manage to hit some fermented, slightly iodized notes (pickles), and resinous aromatics like rosemary.

The mouth is the height of the nose, and even more so. What a slap! An immense wave of cane invades the palate, lining every nook and cranny. It's not us biting the cane, it's the cane biting and embracing us. The flavors are intense, earthy and vegetal, with cane that is sometimes ripe and candied, sometimes dry and peppery.

The finish leaves us with an oily rum that never leaves the tongue, and continues to release candied lime flavors.

"Neisson has created a new monument, which for my part still far surpasses the classic, historical version..."

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  1. customer

    A great classic, a sure bet.

  2. JRCa

    A remarkable, crystal-clear rum. Impeccable delivery, well-packaged product, what else?

  3. JRCa

    Exceptional rum. What else?

  4. Bertrand BERODY

    Thanks to Domaine Neisson!
    Great quality rum!
    This is a man's drink, so wait and let it air out!
    You can feel the alcohol levels, so savor half a sip to start! You'll be sublimated by this vegetal cane with citrus fruits, perfectly balanced for a peppery finish!

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