Botran 18 40° (French)

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Wood - Sweet spices - Round


Traditional Spanish rum (Ron) - Traditional molasses rum

Coup de coeur

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Botran 18 40°: Description and customer reviews

Botran 18 is a prestigious rum that has acquired its character and maturity in the fertile, temperate highlands of Guatemala. Blended from several rums aged from 5 to 18 years in the solera system, its complexity also comes from the different types of casks used for maturation: the American oak barrels have previously contained sherry wine and port.

This sophisticated rum is best drunk neat.

Laurent's tasting notes

Her dress is amber.

The nose is clearly dominated by coconut and vanilla, signs of aging in American oak barrels. In the background are notes of almond and tobacco. As if to complete the nose, a discreet note of orange appears.

On the palate, the attack is supple, then becomes drier the longer the rum remains in the mouth. Caramel, coconut and wood are the main aromas.

The finish is dry and even tannic. Coconut, tobacco, vanilla and, once again, a hint of orange make up the overall aromas.

On video

This rum is part of the Rhums Doux discovery pack which we tasted live with Latin rum specialist Marc Goubert in a video on our Youtube channel.

4 visitor(s) opinion and 1 opinion

  1. Jean-Paul

    An exceptional rum

  2. Louison

    A smooth, discreet rum, it reveals its aromas little by little, and it's very pleasant. Vanilla is very present, but there are also hints of honey. Perhaps some of the accompanying spices. Good length on the palate. I highly recommend it, it's a wonderful discovery!

  3. Emmanuel

    I discovered it in the first rum box. It was my favorite in this box, both gourmand and dry. It's great!

  4. Véro

    A sweet, dry rum. A full, tannic rum. A good rum!

  5. Brian

    You can feel that it's made with honey, it's great.

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