Braud & Quennesson rhum blanc Agricole 59,2°° (59.2° proof)

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Braud & Quennesson rhum blanc Agricole 59,2°: Description and customer reviews

Martinique's Braud & Quennesson rum distillery, which opened at the end of 2022, presents a 59.2° limited edition of its rhum blanc agricole.

Still developed and produced under the supervision of cellar master Stéphanie Dufour, this rum is distilled at the Simon plant. A total of 3,000 bottles have been bottled.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose immediately plunges us into Martinique's terroir, with a very earthy rhum agricole showcasing rustic, wild cane that's also full of sugar. The citrus zest (lime and combava) is intense and solid, as is the vegetal bagasse.

With aeration and a little rest, the cane juice consolidates into a few pebbles of candy sugar, which we imagine to be just the right amount of crunch. The wilder, earthier notes have faded, leaving a clean, intense, straightforward cane juice.

The palate is very smooth and powerful at the same time, as the rum slowly spreads across the palate with a very fatty, oily texture that pleasantly warms the taste buds. Vegetal notes of cane bark rub shoulders with fruitier, tangier accents, notably red fruits and slightly bitter berries.

The finish is soft and round, with a hint of spice that titillates the tongue.

"A concentrate of Martinique, with a cane that crunches under the tooth..."

2 opinion

  1. Jean-François Féraud

    A little disappointed by this rum that I was discovering for the first time, not up to the standard of the other pins.

  2. Didier THOMAS

    I was expecting a lot from this rum, given the good reviews before its release. But when I tasted it twice, I found it a little alcoholic on the nose and especially on the palate. 59.2% gives it power, but the aromatic imbalance is clearly unacceptable in my opinion. The price of around 59 euros doesn't help either. A poor choice.

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