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Chantal Comte Cuvée Caribaea White 50° : Description and customer reviews

Chantal Comte Cuvée Caribaea Blanc 50° is a white agricultural rum produced within the AOC Martinique. Chantal Comte was able to select this pearl of pure cane juice from the vats of the La Mauny distillery, where it was distilled in a Creole column.

The label design was created by Cyril Girard, a naturalist illustrator and researcher. Like Chantal Comte, he is sensitive to the richness but also the fragility of the ecosystems of the Caribbean. They are therefore united here around the Caribaea Initiative, an NGO to which part of the profits from the 2,500 bottles of this limited series will be donated.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a cane confection, like a fruity candy, a barley sugar flavoured with yellow lemon. This lemon becomes greener and more exotic after a few seconds, it naturally introduces the cane, like in a fresh ti'punch.

With aeration, the focus shifts 100% to fresh cane, with a touch of bagasse and pepper giving it an almost tannic quality. The notes of fermentation hover quietly in the background, ensuring a lively profile.

The palate is rather soft on the attack, and we discover a well worked, rounded rum, which took the time it needed before coming to us. The cane is full, straight, serious and mature. Its sweet juice is just seasoned with pepper and lime.

The finish is round too, and we are left with a fat rum sensation that has smothered anything that might have been left.

"A rum that executes its programme without any false notes, a true standard of Martinique and ti'punch..."


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