Cachaca Soledade Ipê 40

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Cachaça (Brésil) - Rhum

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Cachaca Soledade Ipê 40° : Description and customer reviews

Cachaca Soledade Ipê is a Brazilian spirit, a cousin of our agricultural rum. This pure cane juice brandy is aged inipê barrels, a South American wood species. This very fine-grained wood has the particularity of giving a beautiful copper colour, as well as marked notes of nuts.

Cachaça is the basic ingredient of the famous caiprinha, and this expression can also be enjoyed as a pure tasting.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the fine spices and velvety fruits and candied orange peel lead us to a very round, almost sweet profile. It is not the freshness of the cane juice that speaks at first sight, but rather this assumed and delicate sweetness.

With aeration, the tonka bean comes to the fore. More used to finding it with amburana barrels, we realise that it is a typical Brazilian aroma. It mixes with a just blond cane sugar, then with other sweet spices like nutmeg.

The palate is soft and pastry-like, with a tonka bean that largely dominates the proceedings. It is joined by a five-spice blend that fights a little more, trying not to overpower the delicacy of the small cane brandy that one might tend to forget.

The finish is gently peppery, and the tonka lingers on the tongue.

"A peppery cachaça with strong tonka notes for spicy caipirinhas.

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  1. Yann Le bihen

    Umburana much more fruity than IPE.

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