Cane Island Single Estate Barbados 8 years 43°.

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Cane Island Single Estate Barbados 8 years 43° : Description and customer reviews

This rum, bottled by Cane Island, was distilled in Barbados, at Foursquare, partly in columns and partly in pot stills.

It has been aged in the distillery's tropical climate, in American white oak barrels, for 8 years.

Nico's tasting note

The first nose is lightly fruity, rather fresh, with pineapple and apricot. It is quickly brought to light by a ray of vanilla, flowery honey, with a touch of solvent. The woodiness is also fresh, with an essence of orange peel and a touch of mint.

With a little airing, the freshness settles on a bed of finely liquoriced molasses. The orange is caught in a certain sweetness, like a slightly spicy cane syrup. The fruit is still fresh, as if bathed in this light syrup.

The palate is very soft and slightly caramelised. The attack of the wood is round, vanilla, with the scent of nuts just toasted and still fat. The sweet spices are gently inserted into this roundness, they introduce molasses and a finely spiced alcohol.

The finish is toasty and peppery, yet light and fluid.

"A rather light Barbadian, certainly with a dominant column rum..."


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