Captain Morgan Private Stock 40

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Plant


Spiced or infused rum

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Captain Morgan Private Stock 40°: Description and customer reviews

Captain Morgan Private Stock is a blend of amber rums aged for at least two years in oak barrels and macerated in spices and tropical fruits.

Nico's tasting note

In short: nuts - exotic fruits - vanilla - spices - sweet

The nose oscillates between nuts and ripe exotic fruits. Spicy and vanilla scented, it is dynamic and pleasant. Although the sensation is not sweet, the nuts seem to be quite fatty. The exotic fruits are rich, but also refreshing, which gives the rum a cheerful and playful side. It's a rather balanced and well-made rum all in all.
On aeration, it seems sweeter and tangier. The vanilla is smooth and delicious, as are the spices which are now much more pastry-like. As for the nuts, they have not changed. They are still fat and friendly. The ripe exotic fruits bring even more roundness and weld the whole.

On the palate, the spices rush into every corner of the mouth. The rum is fruity, exotic and very ripe. Different families then follow one another in no particular order: water fruits such as melon, coconut, still ripe exotic fruits, and even a rather fresh herbaceous touch. When the rum finds a certain cohesion, it gains a classic and round register, on vanilla, sugar and grenadine.

The finish will remain on this impression of sweetness and grenadine syrup.

"This Captain Morgan is richer and fruitier than usual, and can be enjoyed neat, or with an ice cube and a simple twist of lime..."

6 reviews

  1. Carlisi Manon

    Great! Very nice person

  2. Valérie Pavageau

    Too bad it's sold in plastic bottles

  3. David Fontinoy

    I didn't know this rum but it has a lot of taste!

  4. william touller

    Excellent service and quality

  5. Caroline CORTIER

    Very good Rum

  6. Frédéric Delporte

    Do not trust the name Captain Morgan
    This rum has nothing to do
    A richness in the palate and a depth worthy of rums such as the Methuselah 15 or the Plantations
    In short, the best value for money!

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