Organic rum by Neisson 52,5°.

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Rum - Rum AOC Martinique - Rhum blanc - Pure cane juice rum

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Organic rum by Neisson 52,5° : Description and customer reviews

Neisson obtained the "AB" certification in 2016. After having released 2 first versions on the market in 2016 (one at 55° and the other at 66°, both very quickly sold out), then a third one at the end of 2017 (L'Esprit Bio), here is a fourth version released at the beginning of 2018 in metropolitan France: Le rhum bio par Neisson.

The vintage appears on the bottle: the rum available at the moment is 2020.

Nico's tasting notes

In short: dry - mineral - fresh - strong spices - vegetable - fruit

The "classic" version, which was not yet organic, already offered us a complex rum, marked by cane, citrus and fruit. This version goes even further in its craftsmanship and complexity, with a more rustic touch. Take a look:

The first nose is unadorned, in the manner of a traditional Martinique white rum. With its rather dry and mineral profile, this is a serious rum which does not play the easy seduction. One can detect a great freshness, a peppery breath having undressed a lime to take its zest. The cane remains straight in the middle of the storm, massive, monolithic. It is as if preserved and whole, its tender flesh with its juicy fibre wrapped in its dry bark. Suddenly, a minty headwind takes us by surprise.
The aeration takes us directly to the distillery, we then lean over the fermentation tank to examine the vesou more closely. The cane juice works hard and bubbles with powerful and organic aromas, the fermentation is in full swing. A few moments later, we put our noses down and moved to the distillation side. The liquid seemed clear, dry and mineral, with sharp and penetrating aromas, very lemony.

Like the historical version of Rhum by Neisson, the palate offers a nice presence and still a lot of freshness.

The first taste is a one-way trip to Martinique. Once again, this is THE Martinique rum as we like it. The fibre of the cane comes to the fore, with its earthiness and pepperiness. This dry side is so refreshing and authentic. Of course, it goes without saying that the rum doesn't come with its big hooves, it's all chiseled and delicate. The palate is lined and flattered just right, with restraint, it's not about being cheesy.

The finish is long and vegetal, the fibre and the bark of the cane still dominate. Lime zest and pepper cushion the descent, we are well...

"A great white rum, no more and no less, a real little piece of Martinique. This organic version goes even further than the original version in terms of mastery and loyalty to the terroir. I can only imagine the royal ti'punch that will follow..."

On video

On our Youtube channel, find our meeting with Alex Bobi, cellar master of Neisson Rums, in Martinique. He tasted with us the organic rum by Neisson in the context of box of the month.

1 visitor(s) opinion and 10 opinion

  1. Philippe Cloetens

    A treat and one of the best brands

  2. Didier THOMAS

    A very pretty nose, intense and delicate. What bothers me about this Neisson is the earthy note, which is a little too pronounced. The pleasantly oily texture makes up for it. A good rum, but a rather high price for this quality.

  3. Stéphane Ti'verre

    On the nose 👃🏻: the cane is straight, juicy and clearly in the spotlight in the middle of the glass. This is a rum that reveals a significant sweetness, a real sweetness the first few minutes. There is some lime zest and mainly a grassy side that comes through afterwards but without excess. It manages to remain relatively neutral overall, in the sense that there is an interesting balance which brings a little typicity but where the fresh cane keeps the hand. The pepper remains very shy here.

    In the mouth 👅 the attack is particularly sweet and not so dry for a Martinique. It's initially quite sweet, all roundness on the cane, then the pepper generously lands behind to deliver some watts. It intensifies on the following sips, a grey pepper I would say, with a little pear and lime zest. Our cane juice is also adorned with a vegetal note with bagasse, a little more bitter, which comes out more clearly on the finish as the tasting progresses.

    The finish is long with pepper at first. Then it switches sometimes to a more earthy note and sometimes to a more herbaceous one, but always with this slightly sweet touch that counterbalances. The intensity lingers on the palate for quite a while and it leaves us with a straw-like quality in the mouth 👌

    ⚡️ The Neisson 52.5 range is practically unanimous on the specialist groups. It is a good opportunity that I had with this Bio version at lower cost which gives me all satisfaction, it is very pleasant 👍 That said at the full price, it would not have been the same I must admit 😬 One pays above all the AB label.

  4. Thomas

    An excellent vegetal and aromatic this see dangerously well! Super white

  5. Vinouse Tristan

    Super rum

  6. carole

    A nugget from Martinique
    As usual, Neisson is top of the line

  7. Sebastien ALEXANDRE

    I know why I paid that price!

  8. Customer

    Very strong sherbet/granita notes which surprised me as a novice. The drink is refreshing and soothing despite the alcohol content.

  9. Olivier

    A great product, I buy it for myself and as a gift

  10. Romain Roger

    Perfect in ti punch!

  11. Celine Van bree

    Unfortunately I did not receive it

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