Clément Canne Bleue 50° - harvest 2020

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Clément Canne Bleue 50° - 2020 harvest : Description and customer reviews

Clément's unmissable single-varietal cuvée celebrates its 20th anniversary and returns with a colourful 2020 harvest.

Originally from Barbados, blue cane develops exceptional aromatic qualities, with a strong citrus flavour. This 2020 harvest offers fruity, round and spicy notes.

A special feature of this exceptional white agricultural rum is that it is slowly reduced to 50° and has a perfect amplitude. Six months of brewing and aeration are necessary before bottling Clément Canne Bleue. The distillation is carried out in a traditional Creole copper column.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose, light at first, evokes a tender and mellow cane, still delicate and diaphanous. It quickly becomes greener and fresher, which gives it more strength and vivacity.

With a little air and above all rest, the rum takes on a rather original profile all its own. The candied cane has an air of bread dough and yeast, which coexist with sweet lime aromas.

The palate is colourful and flowery, so much so that it may even surprise at first. In fact, it is a debauchery of fruit of all colours (the reds in the lead) that spreads out from the attack, accompanied by a long ribbon of white flowers that lead us gently back to a candied cane, still a little green and slightly peppery.

The finish continues on pepper and a rather dry bagasse, for a typically Martiniquean conclusion.

"A 2020 edition that stands out from the crowd with its unique, colourful and flowery personality..."

In comparison, the 2019 Clément Canne Bleue was drier, with more bagasse and pepper. There were flowers and fruits too, but their notes were lighter. The palate was really 100% cane, still with a fairly dry profile, leading to a spicy finish.



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  1. Bryan Raderam

    It is similar to the other vintages but I preferred other years

  2. Theo LG

    A sure thing 😍

  3. Customer

    Not yet tasted

  4. Laurent

    I recommend rum attitude

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