Clément Canne Bleue - vintage 2022 50°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Plants


Rhum - Rhum AOC Martinique - Rhum blanc

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Clément Canne Bleue - vintage 2022 50° : Description and customer reviews

Clément Canne Bleue vintage 2022 is, like the previous vintages, a single-varietal agricultural rum AOC Martinique. This vintage is highly anticipated by fans every year.
For this vintage 2022, the design of the bottle is colorful and disruptive in an electric and offbeat style. Two colors were chosen, blue to represent the freshness of taste and yellow for the citrus notes.

This rum was elaborated from pure cane juice in the copper creole column of the Simon distillery. It was then reduced and brewed very slowly for 6 months before bottling.

To be enjoyed as you wish, as a ti-punch or in a cocktail!

Nico's tasting notes

The nose opens on a rather candied profile, with a swollen cane of perfumed and sweet citrus fruits. One feels then a certain tenderness, a certain mellowness, soon contrasted with a more dry and peppery cane fiber.

With aeration, a veil of pepper settles on the glass. It's rather gray, with some greener undertones, and it gets sweeter as the cane juice resurfaces.

The mouth offers us a rather clear, lively and clean cane juice. Its bright side is not really encumbered by fruits or spices, so it does not deviate from its path. We go up the stalk of the cane following its fiber. We start from its sweet base, to go upwards, where the wind blows and the sun radiates.

The finish is quite light, with a hint of salt water in the length.

"After a fruity and sweet entry, we gradually return to the essence of a clean cane juice..."

Comparing with the Clément Canne Bleue vintage 2021, we realize that it is this same impression of clearness which dominates from the first nose, even if for this 2022 we make a small detour by the citrus fruits and the roundness. By airing the rum, the 2021 becomes rounder, fruitier, while the 2022 is more straight and spicy. We can say that the two vintages are similar, even if they do not unfold in the same way.

On the palate, the 2021 is a bit rounder on the attack, and more alcoholic afterwards. The 2022 shows more unity and immediately hits its stride, but the two vintages again come together in that spirit of clarity. The finish is relatively light on both vintages. The 2021 is a bit more vegetal, while the 2022 carries some iodine touches.


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