Cockspur 12 years 40°

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Rhum de tradition anglaise (Rum) - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Cockspur 12 years 40°: Description and customer reviews

Cockspur 12 ans is an aged rum crafted on the sunny, beachfront island of Barbados.
A blend of several vintages aged in Bourbon oak casks, it reflects the distillery's age-old know-how. Indeed, the brand is one of the oldest still in existence.

Nico's tasting notes

In a nutshell: wood - strong spices - roasting - sweet spices.

The first notes on the nose are frankly woody, with a hint of nuts and a hint of oxidized walnut. Then the woody, toasty and vanilla notes take us to the land of Bourbon. The eau-de-vie still seems fresh, avoiding dustiness and excessive graininess.
Aeration brings the nuts to the fore, with the toasted grain of the oak coming to the fore and catching the nose with its air of toasted nuts. Dark vanilla takes over, fat but concentrated, not sweet. The bare wood shows a roasted face, with hints of coffee and zan.

The palate is soft on entry, but the rum is very present and doesn't intend to be forgotten. Its woodiness is rich, still with a very Bourbon character marked by vanilla and well toasted white wood. But that's not all: the roasted, oxidized nuts are largely responsible for the frankly delicious mid-palate. The rum has an authentic feel, with molasses and spicy wood.

The finish plays between wood and spice, pepper and clove, as the rum dries out the taste buds and clings to the palate.

"The strong influence of the Bourbon cask brings undeniable character to this rum, without overstepping the mark. We appreciate this mastery of aging..."


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