Corman Collins Arturo Makasare 30 años 2021 Aniversario 44

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Corman Collins Arturo Makasare 30 años 2021 Aniversario 44° : Description and customer reviews

This 30 year old Arturo Makasare rum represents the quintessence of Dominican rums, an exclusive selection by Corman Collins.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is round and caramelised to perfection, with a touch of roasting that curls the nostrils. The wood is well coated by a syrup of sweet spices. It quietly develops its aromas of toasted nuts, tinged with liquorice.

With aeration, the rum gains a small layer of oxidation spiked with coffee. This brings to mind an old sherry, or even a port. The wood grain turns into a very fine dust, with a charcoal and cocoa-like air.

The palate is very smooth and fluid. The roasted and caramelised rum seen on the nose is finally revealed as delicate and almost fresh. The toasted woodiness is covered by a thin layer of caramel or honey with sweet spices, and the nuts are still quite white and fat.

The finish is greedy and tasty, with vanilla and coconut milk.

"A typically caramelised and roasted rum, which reveals a certain tasty delicacy in the mouth..."

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  1. Albano Leka

    Ordered for the first time. Nice bottle, great taste.

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