Dead Reckoning Fiji 20 years 68

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Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût - Single cask

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Dead Reckoning Fiji 20 years 68° : Description and customer reviews

This 20-year-old Dead Reckoning rum was produced and aged in the tropics of Fiji. Australian Justin Boseley is behind this independent bottling brand. Justin embarked on this adventure after 10 years of traveling the Caribbean to bring the best rum expressions to Australia.

This cuvée was distilled in a John Dore double-twisted pot still. The rum then spent 20 years in an ex-bourbon barrel. This one would have been forgotten by the distillery in its cellar, such a long ageing would not have been planned initially.
The share of angels is around 73%.

This rum is brut de fût, without cold filtration and without any addition. It was bottled in 2022 in 220 numbered copies.


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