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Wood - Sweet spices - Round


Traditional molasses rum

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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 40° : Description and customer reviews

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is blended from traditional rums distilled in repasse stills and aged for at least 12 years.

This is a tasting rum that should be enjoyed at room temperature in a tulip glass.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is amber with reddish reflections.

On the nose, it is sweet. Caramel and vanilla win out hands down. A slight aroma of cinnamon is added to the top duo.

On the palate, it is really smooth. Here too, the aromas of caramel and vanilla dominate. A little pepper note completes the profile.

The finish is quite long and is divided between aromas of caramel, honey and vanilla. In general, these aromas are quite discreet and it is a feeling of sweetness that ultimately takes over.

6 visitor reviews and 18 reviews

  1. Customer

    very good


    A very good medium/high range rum, never a bad surprise. Beware for those who like charrette rums, it is sweet, very sweet on the attack, very flattering.

  3. Marylène CINCINAT

    I have not yet drunk this beverage.

  4. Nico

    Thank you for this comment Bertrand. It is true that most Diplomatico rums are quite sweet. They are rums that correspond to a Latin American tradition, which is based on light rums for which the ageing and sweetening act as flavour enhancers. It is certain that a lover of dry rums will find it difficult to appreciate them, but they are intended to be "discovery" rums, for amateurs who are new to spirits, or who like sweet things.

  5. Del77

    Quality of the product, nice bottle for a gift

  6. Bertrand Leclercq

    A must have

  7. Mikael

    Very well packaged and fast delivery.


    very good

  9. Olitrax

    top for discovering rum gently

  10. Bernard Masson

    Good values!!!

  11. Frédérique Jaillon

    The best of the best

  12. Anthony T.

    A pure Venezuelan rum with smoky aromas, always a delight as a digestif

  13. Nikita

    Can no longer be described. A reference in the mouth, simply well balanced with a nice roundness.

  14. Jean-Pierre JACOMIN

    A rum that will make recalcitrant people love rum! Sweet, round, fragrant... on its own in a balloon glass or as a ti-punch with an excellent brown sugar and a small lime. A great pleasure for an interesting quality-price ratio.

  15. Jonathan Duthoit

    Excellent... I found a taste of caramel and a smell of wood.

  16. C�line

    Very good product, delivered quickly and well packaged. I recommend the seller

  17. sharayamv

    Nectar of my enemies' tears!
    Depressed or optimistic, sad or joyful, married or happy - you'll enjoy this delight from Diplomatico.

  18. gilbert

    A great product which my wife uses regularly in her cakes, very pleasant to the taste, to be enjoyed after a good meal.

  19. Pierre Galzin

    CLEAR... When the 10 year old PAPA donation is over...

  20. Olivier from Rhum Attitude

    Jean, we understand your point of view and have no problem publishing it. Our point of view is this: it is indeed a rum because it is made from sugar cane (even if the latter has passed through the molasses stage like 90% of the rums marketed in the world). You only have to look at the Wikipedia definition to be convinced.

    If we were to exclude slightly - or very - sweet rums from the list of rums, we would in fact be removing most of the traditional Spanish "rones". These are part of the landscape. A good number of enthusiasts who today only drink rums without any sugar started with Diplomatico, Don Papa or Zacapa, which have the merit of being a gateway to the extraordinarily rich universe of this spirit.

    In conclusion, for us, Diplomatico is a rum, and one that we love for its simplicity and sweetness.

  21. Virginie Thonard

    Very good. It was a birthday present.

  22. Marina Charaya

    Taste of first love: strong, burning the lips and caressing the soul.

  23. Leon christian

    Following a gift of a tasting box, I chose this Diplomatico and for me it was a revelation of flavours and aromas!

  24. Jean-François

    I started with the Diplo a year ago. It is the one that triggered my interest in rum. Even though I've moved on to other things now, I like to come back to it occasionally and it's the perfect rum to introduce my friends to this drink.

  25. Francis

    This rum is a killer. I've been wanting to give it up for a while, and I don't regret it. And at a good price :)

  26. Guillaume Legrand

    It is very fine and greedy. Really very very very good, I recommend it to everyone

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