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Diplomatico Single Vintage 2007 43°: Description and customer reviews

Diplomatico 2007 is replaced by its worthy successor Diplomatico 2008 .

Diplomatico Single Vintage 2007 is a rare vintage rum, bottled in a superb decanter. It has been distilled, aged and blended in Venezuela, from cane honey and molasses, using a unique variety of stills and columns.

The various rums making up this blend, which is at least 12 years old, were aged in bourbon and whisky casks. Finally, the blend was aged in oloroso sherry casks for a further 1 year.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, there's a hint of floral and tangy notes, with a hint of candy sugar. This is followed by a darker color, with hints of molasses, slightly oxidized nuts and thick-skinned black fruits.

Aeration releases the last, lighter notes. Vanilla and butterscotch come to the fore again, followed by darker, now roasted notes that almost taste of coffee. Nuts like pecan blossom amidst all this, rolling happily in molasses.

On the palate, the sweetness of vanilla caramel gently coats the palate, for a rather light, velvety rum. The more roasted flavors melt into this smooth sensation, with the occasional hint of dark fruit.

The finish is luscious, studded with gourmet nuts and molasses.

"A velvety rum with lightly roasted, gourmet accents..."

By comparison, the 2005 vintage was a little more closed at first, with more roast and almost mineral notes. Wood and maple syrup took over on the palate, with a finish very similar to this 2007.


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