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Don Papa Rye Cask 45° : Description and customer reviews

Don Papa Rye Cask is a special vintage of the famous Philippine brand. The molasses used to make this rum comes from the island of Negros, one of the world's largest sugarcane plantations. The column distillation and ageing are then carried out at the foot of Mount Kanlaon in the Bago distillery.

This rum has the particularity of being aged for 4 years in old Rye barrels (a Tennessee whisky made from rye). This reference to American whisky is not insignificant, since the United States played a major role during the independence process of the archipelago. They imposed their presence and imported their cars, their culture and their aesthetics. This is also why there is a speakeasy feel to the look of this bottle, reminiscent of the 1920s and prohibition.

Due to the rarity of this bottle, only 1 unit is available per customer.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose has nice smoky notes, with a strong whisky edge. One can easily imagine a fire where a handful of cereals are being toasted, while one takes a whiff of the heather-laden air.

On aeration, a little farmyard character develops, with straw and a slight organic touch. Then the rum enters a more familiar framework, made of spicy wood, a layer of black and red fruits with a little tannin, and a little resinous and vegetal vivacity.

The mouth is quite powerful, despite a relatively round texture. The most farmy notes are the first to touch the taste buds, then it's around the woody and toasted cereals. The whisky aspect remains in mind, notably thanks to the white woody notes mixed with resin and pears.

The finish returns to slightly oily and smoky notes.

"Another interesting expression from Don Papa, who deviates greatly from his usual style for these special vintages..."

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  1. Alice Ligot

    Super rum don't regret waiting

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