Dzama Cuvée Blanche Prestige 40°

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Dzama Cuvée Blanche Prestige 40°: Description and customer reviews

Dzama Cuvée Blanche Prestige is a rum designed by Franck Fohine, son of the creator of Dzama rums.

It's made in a very original way. Here are the 3 main stages in its manufacture.

First step: a rum-based maceration

All the fruits and spices typical of the island of Madagascar are combined with the rum: citrus, pineapple, lychee, mango, grenadilla, ginger and vanilla. The whole macerates in the barrels normally used for aging rum. New casks, but above all casks that have contained whisky imported from Scotland for the local market.

Second stage: barrels bursting with fruit and spices welcome a new rum

The barrels are then completely emptied and the contents serve as a basis for the production of arranged rums. They are then filled with a 40° rum which then ages for one year . It then has plenty of time to soak up the aromas that have taken over the wood in the barrels.

Third and final stage: filtering and bottling

The rum is charcoal-filtered, restoring its original color. So it's only white in color! In fact, we've chosen to classify it as an infused rum.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is very lemony and fresh, and rather sweet too. All forms of lemon are represented: lemongrass, lime syrup, yuzu. You can imagine some bitter peels, but also juicy pulp, it's all there.

The palate is soft but not overly sweet. The attack of citrus fruit is round, with candied peel and pulp reduced to syrup.

The finish is slightly spicy, making it last a good while on the palate.

"A very lemony rum, round and fresh at the same time..."

9 opinion


    Top lemon rum

  2. joel lopez

    For a really surprising white rum, I loved it.

  3. Brigitte Richard

    Excellent rum, very fruity

  4. Yves Stracchi

    Lemony, less sweet than a limoncello, perfect for a trou normand, one of my favorite rums.


    A sure thing. Even people who don't like white rums appreciated it.


    Meets our expectations


    Hello, I'm delighted with my purchase, good day.

  8. Catherine Lorre

    Fast turnaround.

  9. christian delmotte

    could evoke a limoncello with its lemon note, but the finish is still rum.

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